Professional Services

I am a Professional Home Economist. Essentially, I know how to plan, organize, and most importantly, teach life skills. Below are some of the professional services I provide. If you are interested in hiring me or want to know more about what I do, please feel free to contact me!


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-Andrea Liesner, PHEc

Meal Planning Education


Meal planning is a life skill that is not very common anymore. In today's world, it's much easier to eat out or order in than cook at home. 

I believe that every family can benefit from learning some good meal planning habits. 

I will help you develop some meal planning skills, including grocery shopping training and food budgeting.

I can even come to your home and help you in your own home environment. 

This learning experience can come with cooking instruction too! 

Life skills power!

Contact me for more info.

Meal Preparation and Planning Solutions

I offer short term meal preparation and planning solutions for the busy household!

Essentially, I can prepare and deliver home cooked meals, either fresh or frozen, to your door. Weekdays or weekends, I can help prepare meals when the life load gets too tough to carry. 

I can prepare food for many diets, whether vegetarian, kosher, organic, reduce-salt, etc. I can also prepare household recipes so that you can have your own family's cooking ready-to-serve. 

If you've just moved, just had an addition to the family, or life is just throwing all the things at you, I can step in and provide. 

Costing can range from $45-60 per meal depending on groceries. For more specifics, please give me a shout via email or phone. We can also meet up in person to talk about particular needs.

Cooking Demonstrations 

I have a passion for cooking. I also have an outrageous personality. This goes well together. Especially on a stage!

If you need a personality to keep the audience's attention and teach a skill or two, I'm your woman.

My last event was the 2016 Royal Winter Fair at the Toronto Expo grounds. The OHEA partnered with AgScape and Six by Sixteen's initiative to teach Ontario children how to prepare 6 meals by the age of 16. The OHEA team taught over 100 students to cook Chipotle Black Bean Chile, from the OHEA's cookbook, Homegrown. <>

Pantry Overhaul

Is your pantry a hodge podge of dry goods, canned goods and cereal from the 90s?

Let me at it and you'll be able to find those fibre bars you promised yourself you'd start eating for breakfasts. (We may have to get you new ones....)

Pantry Consultation

Ever have cupboards and cupboards of food and nothing to cook? Let me take a peek at your pantry and come up with a list of meals so you don't have to! Reduce your food waste and learn some meal planning life skills.

Contact me for more info!

Recipe Development, Testing and Writing

I got my start in Home Economics working at a test kitchen in Alberta, Canada. Ever since moving to Ontario, I have been able to work freelance. I have experience developing recipe concepts, testing recipes for quality and taste, and writing stylized recipes.

There is something very satisfying about seeing your work on the back of a box, knowing that the directions are correct and anyone can make that meal.

If you'd like to hire me for a development job or as a recipe tester, please contact me!