Spring. (Shhhhh. It might frighten away!)

Over here in the east is seems that spring has sprung! I promise I'm not bragging.... As most of my AB peeps are covered under a new thick blanket of snow.... =D

All the while, over here my tulips are peeking out and the sproutlings are getting Huge. Summer is coming. 

This summer holds a lot of changes which I'll be 'unveiling' shortly. But first, wedding in May! Excited but also trepidatious. 

All the Things. As Always. 


The Half-Assed Hobbyist

Update! But Actually.

It's been a while in the making but I've finally got my professional services page updated! Woo!

It lists my Professional Home Economist services and some lovely pictures of food. So go check it out! (Even if it's just for the pictures of food ;) )



The Half-Assed Hobbyist

PS My plant babies are also happening! Yaaaaay!

March Madness?

Well there has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions with regards to the weather this March. =S First super sunny and wonderful! And now, super SUPER windy and freezing and blizzardy....

I will be taking my long johns with me for the foreseeable future. 

In other more exciting, less depressing news! It's seed start time!!! =D I'm going to make some goals for this year: 

  1. Try potatoes and beets in containers. Fingers crossed.
  2. Get my tomatoes to not take an adventure off the balcony by planting 'determinate' varieties. (Ones that only get a certain height and stop. Learned something!)
  3. Seed some flowering, non-edible plants. (Poppies from California!!!)
  4. Get a million planters for bush beans and lettuce.  
  5. Attempt to fit all the people and plants on the balcony for BBQ parties.... Haha. 

I've also added a grow lamp and heating pad to the show this time round. Let me tell you, it was hilarious to walk around downtown Toronto with a grow light. Especially in a black garbage bag because the store didn't have large bags. I'm a gardener! I swear! Not a grow op!!! 

Hopefully this summer will be the best one yet! =D

Now to find a plant baby sitter to water them while the wedding thing is happening.... Any volunteers? XD


The Half-Assed Hobbyist