Sewing: A Love Story

The #1 hobby that, despite being relatively horrible at, is the hobby I always come back too, is Sewing. Much like most kids in the Alberta curriculum, I learned to sew at school in Home Ec. And by 'learned to sew', I mean was given a square of fabric to sew a square pillow out of. (The teacher was more concerned about salmonella's over reaching power to kill everyone than to really show us how to sew. That women was raw egg crazy.) So I really didn't learn to sew until after I graduated university and wanted something to do with my new found evenings off. 

I bought an old Kenmore off kijiji for $30 (steal of a deal!) and started doing regular sewing party Sundays with my friend Lesley. Spoiler: Lesley is the one who taught me how to sew. 

Since 2011, I have done many projects, some I'm proud of and others I was proud of until the realization of how horrible they really were. For example, the drapery fabric skirt, yes, that I made and wear quite a lot. 

I did eventually get better though. My projects got bigger and fancier and more complicated. I made dresses upon dresses and high waisted skirts. All of which were nice. The most annoying project was the floral dress, which I lined myself, to much chagrin of my fingers who had to do all the hand stitching. My best dress was the linen one. Except I put a crinoline under it. Nobody, and I mean no one, like sewing mesh. Worst. 

Above are all the pictures of the projects I've attempted. Some good, some hilarious. I'll be making more of both variety in the future. Guaranteed.  


The Half-Assed Hobbyist