Making Friends is Easy

I have always assumed that making friends was difficult. This is not true when regarding stuffed animal friends. Those are rather easy to make, if not a little too easy to make. 

My friend Lesley was getting rid of some fabric last week and, treasure of treasures, she had remnants of some fuzzy purple fabric. The cogs of hilarity turning, Lesley joked about me making a fuzzy purple elephant out of the fabric, which she happened to have a pattern for. Challenge Accepted. 

The pattern, from Carol's Zoo, was the easiest pattern imaginable: Two pattern pieces cut out twice each and then sewed together. It says 1 hour from cutting to hugging and I believe it. It took me more time to drive to Fabricland and back (to buy eyes) than to cut out the pieces and pin them together. 


I would definitely recommend this as an easy intro to sewing. And afterwards you get a cuddly buddy! Yay!

(I named her Violet. I may be 25 but I still love cute fuzzy things.)



The Half-Assed Hobbyist