Kitchen Art

Sometimes I get these grand ideas! These plans of what the apartment should look like, etc. Usually they sound great! And then typically never happen.

Except this project! 

Matt buys our coffee from a company called Tonx. Every two weeks they ship us 6 oz of freshly roasted coffee beans from some small farm in coffee land. Along with these shipments comes a little coloured card with the name of the place the beans are from and a pamphlet giving us an update on the happenings at Tonx. 

These cards are very well done, and colourful, so the initial plan was to put them up as we got them. One year later, and I finally got around to it.

Since our apartment is made out of cinderblock there is no way to nail anything to the walls. Which is where innovation came in. Specifically, we found 3M's command strips to fit the bill. So I literally stuck the picture to the kitchen wall, et voila, Art! 

Now to unstick them in 4 months when we move.... Worth it!


The Half-Assed Hobbyist