The Weave

Everywhere I look I see knitting memes that all have the same effect: 

Talk about stress. 

Anyways. I've had a couple patterns that I've been sitting on for longer than I care to admit... (who am I kidding, 3 years!) and this was one of them.

The Enterlac Scarf by Allison LoCicero was a pattern that caught my eye because of the way it looked. (Oh Ravelry, how you're as bad as FB as a time waster.) While looking woven, the scarf is in fact worked back and forth in a knit. I had put off starting it because, she told herself, I needed the Noro yarn the pattern asked for. In all honestly, any multi coloured yarn would have worked but I finally did go hunting and found the yarn on Queen at Romni Wools

The pattern is super well written! While initially a tad daunting, once you get used to working the squares it goes by very quickly. Definitely a recommend! Just make sure you get all the same colour code of yarn... like I obviously did.... >>. Haha. 



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