Photo Op(eration)

In an effort to home-ify the apartment, I decided to put my loved ones faces on a wall! Nothing says "I love you" like a collage of memories, right? I originally got the collage idea from my friend Marley, who at some point over the last year posted a how-to article about hanging groups of photos easily using a paper templates. (Engage foreshadowing with the use of the word 'easy'. Check.)

So I planned out what photos I wanted to print. Turned out there were 27 of them. It was time to cull the memories! Awkward! Instead I decided to head to IKEA for all the chea... I mean modern style frames. Success! 17 frames for under 100$. (I assume that's a good deal. >>) 

Now that I had my number of pictures picked out, it was photo printing time! Back in AB, it was easiest to do a 1-hour photo print at the LDs (London Drugs) buuuuut there is no such thing in ON apparently. Luckily-ish there were instant kodak print machines at the grocery store that would serve their purpose. Only had one minor issue with one of my prints: The Matrix bled through. 

After writing dates and peoples names on the back of photos (cause I'm 98), I got all the photos in their frame homes. The article said to lay out the photos the way they will hang on the wall and trace their size and positions onto paper. Which I obviously kinda only did half of. Foreshadowing achieved! I laid out the pictures and then, working in lines, hung them up using the frame edges as spacers. Worked very well actually! Yay!

Now I have many a smiling face staring at me when I leave and come home. Miss all y'all. <3



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