The Seedy Start

I've started my own seedlings for two years now but it still seems brand new every year. My gardening stuff unfortunately did not make the move to ON so first step was to get a new seed tray, and new soil, and new seeds! This adorable little green house was the closest to my place. I feel like I will be spending an inordinate amount of time in that place in years to come....

Now that The Stuff was replenished I got to hydrating the little soil disc things. I've never used them before, typically I just used potting soil and pots, but I think I will be using these weird discs again next year. They hydrated very quickly and the mesh makes them easy to move (if necessary). When my little plant roots grow in there will be significantly less fighting with plastic trays for plant freedom too. Yay!

I planted my tomatoes first but I also have a lot of seeds that I've collected over the last year: Apple and plum seeds from my Dad's backyard; Chestnuts from Washington; Citrus seeds from fruit from the grocery store; etc. (Also herb seeds, but pretty sure every gardener has bags of oregano and parsley seeds stashed around.) I found this good beginners guide to planting and caring for seedlings so we'll see what grows! Go Go Gadget Half-Assed Gardening Experiment!

After they seed rows were labeled and watered and lidded, I went on a hunt for a seed warming pad. This turned out to be a rather futile experience. So I turned to making my own heat. AKA Ikea lamp and a "Plant bulb". Despite if the light source is "appropriate" or not, it's warm! So grow seedlings, grow!! <3 


The Half-Assed Hobbyist