March Madness?

Well there has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions with regards to the weather this March. =S First super sunny and wonderful! And now, super SUPER windy and freezing and blizzardy....

I will be taking my long johns with me for the foreseeable future. 

In other more exciting, less depressing news! It's seed start time!!! =D I'm going to make some goals for this year: 

  1. Try potatoes and beets in containers. Fingers crossed.
  2. Get my tomatoes to not take an adventure off the balcony by planting 'determinate' varieties. (Ones that only get a certain height and stop. Learned something!)
  3. Seed some flowering, non-edible plants. (Poppies from California!!!)
  4. Get a million planters for bush beans and lettuce.  
  5. Attempt to fit all the people and plants on the balcony for BBQ parties.... Haha. 

I've also added a grow lamp and heating pad to the show this time round. Let me tell you, it was hilarious to walk around downtown Toronto with a grow light. Especially in a black garbage bag because the store didn't have large bags. I'm a gardener! I swear! Not a grow op!!! 

Hopefully this summer will be the best one yet! =D

Now to find a plant baby sitter to water them while the wedding thing is happening.... Any volunteers? XD


The Half-Assed Hobbyist