3 month and almost moved in!

It's been three months now since the move and we are Almost done moving in. I just finished ordering storage units we desperately need (all my linens and towel and china are still in boxes in the living room). So hopefully when the furniture comes next week I can put up photos of our almost done apartment! (Minus space art. I still need to get those printed to canvas.)

In the mean time! I bought fabric to re-upholster the teak dining set. My Grandmother, who the set originally belonged to, says that it's been redone for every family member that's owned it. Bringing this time to number 3. So I'll be trying my hand at that soon. Ooo! And making my GF Jess' bridal veil too! Industrious plans! 

Now I just need a place to put my sewing machine.... Hmmmm. 


The Half-Assed Hobbyist