Travel Pro Tip

During Canadian winter, pro tip, when travelling make sure the temperature difference is less than 20'C total. Going from -15'C to 15'C is glorious. But the coming back part is a bit shocking! XD

In all fairness to the weather gods though, the trip to LA was Fan-tablulous! It was only a tad drizzly one day and the rest was glorious glorious sunshine. We got to go biking along the coast to Venice LA - didn't even know that was a thing!

 We got to go hiking in Solstice Canyon in Malibu.

And we got to see some Amazing art deco architecture downtown LA proper. 

It was the perfect weekend trip. (Also it filled my vitamin D reserves for at least another month.) And on top of that I was blown away by all the plant friends! So many. So Beautiful!

Now it's back to lovely snowy Canada. I did miss home. In fact, I'm going winter camping this coming weekend. From a beach in the sunshine to a cabin by a frozen lake. Ah Canada. I love you. 

Also, in what's new land, the invites are almost done. Should have them out soon! 94 days. Ahhhhhhh! Also also, I'll be updating my Meal Planning Solutions and Services pages to reflect the Professional Home Economist services I provide now. I'm hoping to fill the need for life skill education! So keep an eye out. ;)

And I finally hopped on the FB page bandwagon, so I will be updating more frequently through there. <3 All the exciting plans ahead! Hope you'll join me!



The Half-Assed hobbyist

A New Year


It's a new year and already February. XD Time! Stop being so fast already! 

The last couple years I've done some 'resolutions'. Well, not really resolutions, but life goals. 

Last year's list was pretty simple:

  1. Make monies doing my job.
  2. Get back on the healthy lung bandwagon with some well deserved exercise. 
  3. Plan a wedding... or two. Hehehehhe =D

It seems that I have actually made progress on this list! I'm finally making some monies working for myself! I'll soon be updating my services section of this site with all my mad skillz. Yay! Entrepreneurship...? Who woulda thought. 

Also I'm waiting in the line to ride the healthy bandwagon still. But it's getting shorter!! It's really empowering to feel supported by my family and friends as I figure out my anxiety issues. Wooo health all over!

And the wedding is nearly all planned! Wedding number 1 anyway. I still haven't figured out what we're doing for Wedding number 2: The Homecoming. Toronto post-wedding party! I really want it on a boat... But $$$ Dolla dolla billz yo. So we'll see!

Now for life goals for this year:

  1. Wedding of Matrimonies
  2. Decide what to buy: To condo or not to condo. This is the question.
  3. Grow my business -> Update my blog and social stuff more regularly.
  4. Get to the front of the line and Onto the healthy bandwagon. (I'm envisioning a hay ride made of exercise and therapy and beer yoga.)
  5. Go camping again!

Sweet and simple and hopefully satisfying. Ok 2017. I'm counting on you!


The Half-Assed Hobbyist


Happy Merry Holiday-mas!

Phew! After a whirlwind of baking and cooking and then dealing with the flu, it's finally downtime!

The Fiancé and I didn't go back to AB this year again. So instead we had a friend-mas boxing day celebration! =) 

We made a 30.6lb turkey (that of which we have nearly 20 lbs left over for PIE, YAY!). And all the fixings. 

I am tired though. Oh Man. So tried. Although it may just be the weather being cloudy all the time. Boooo ON winter! Haha. 

Anywho! Looking forward to recovering from the flu and getting back into a routine again. 



The Half-Assed Hobbyist