A New Year


It's a new year and already February. XD Time! Stop being so fast already! 

The last couple years I've done some 'resolutions'. Well, not really resolutions, but life goals. 

Last year's list was pretty simple:

  1. Make monies doing my job.
  2. Get back on the healthy lung bandwagon with some well deserved exercise. 
  3. Plan a wedding... or two. Hehehehhe =D

It seems that I have actually made progress on this list! I'm finally making some monies working for myself! I'll soon be updating my services section of this site with all my mad skillz. Yay! Entrepreneurship...? Who woulda thought. 

Also I'm waiting in the line to ride the healthy bandwagon still. But it's getting shorter!! It's really empowering to feel supported by my family and friends as I figure out my anxiety issues. Wooo health all over!

And the wedding is nearly all planned! Wedding number 1 anyway. I still haven't figured out what we're doing for Wedding number 2: The Homecoming. Toronto post-wedding party! I really want it on a boat... But $$$ Dolla dolla billz yo. So we'll see!

Now for life goals for this year:

  1. Wedding of Matrimonies
  2. Decide what to buy: To condo or not to condo. This is the question.
  3. Grow my business -> Update my blog and social stuff more regularly.
  4. Get to the front of the line and Onto the healthy bandwagon. (I'm envisioning a hay ride made of exercise and therapy and beer yoga.)
  5. Go camping again!

Sweet and simple and hopefully satisfying. Ok 2017. I'm counting on you!


The Half-Assed Hobbyist