Whelp. December is here.

Mind blown. 

It's been an insane year. New friends, new adventures, and new experiences that I will never forget. 

Apparently I'mma getting all nostalgic about only one year.... It was a pretty eventful year though. First full year away from Alberta; New friends and new places; Best friend's wedding; Total of 12 people came to visit; Also, New dream job. And it's not over. The BF is going to be giving a talk at a conference in Tokyo, Japan at the end of the week. So we'll have to be there, in Japan. Exciting/terrifying...?

So I'll hopefully have some travel posts from Japan, of course. And potentially some holiday baking posts too. (I don't actually celebrate Christmas but bring on the decorations and hot toddy/mulled wine! Mmmmmm.)


The Half-Assed Hobbyist