Devastation and Dreams

I had a rather devastating gardening mishap on Sunday. At around 8am, I came out onto my balcony to see my near 6ft of tomato plants keeled over. It's a 37 storey drop... so I was rather panicked in getting them back up. 


I'm so sad about it. The plants simply got too big for the cage I had built. The metal wire cage bent under the swaying weight of the plants being whipped around by the wind. Boooo. 

I guess next year I'll have to build something more substantial to support them. They'll just have to chill on the ground for now! I'm so sad that they won't be what I imagined, sitting high and proud on my balcony, but hopefully they will still fruit. 

One day, I'll have a proper garden. =) So I'll keep dreaming. 


The Half-Assed Hobbyist