Fruit Radar

I sometimes wonder what superpower I would get bit by a radioactive bug for that would make having many hobbies easier/ever-more-fun.

Obviously freezing time is up there but that's almost too standard (hobby superpower snob already, uh oh). Then there's having lots of arms for multi tasking, which could be super useful. Or being able to fly, because that would help with life just in general. 

I think I would want a superpower that was more specific though, like being able to insta-chop anything from diced to minced in a second. Or having progressive polarized eye balls so you can see in the bright sunlight while gardening and in the dark while stargazing. Or having a ripe fruit radar that goes off in your head whenever you're near can-able berries. Yah. Definitely something like that. I mean, they would totally be considered "lesser" superpowers and I would be named something lame like Focus Face (ability to make any camera, smartphone or other, focus on the actual thing you want to take a picture of, macro or micro - filters not included). But still. Superpower-ed hobbyist!

Oh gad. I just thought, what the hell kind of radioactive bug would give a person the power to teleport to an alpaca farm that has a double function as a dairy...?

Better to stick with the serum storyline. 


The Half-Assed Hobbyist