Hai 2016!

Nice to meet you!

Seems like you were fast to get here. But happy you are!

I suppose I should wave bye to 2015. I did get most things on my list for 2015 wants done. 

  1. Chairs reupholstered - Kinda check? I definitely did half of them. Haha. Half-Assed? Eh? Anyone? Awwwwwe. Just me then. 
  2. Learned to crochet! That's a checkmark. Minus the little kerbal though. Forgot that XD Hah. 
  3. Did not gain magic powers of HTML/CSS/Javascript. Although, to be fair, I did look into it. And then promptly do anything else. Hah.
  4. Finished the HP robe! Yuss! Mega checkmark. Iron achievement unlocked.
  5. Canning success! I'm giving myself a pity checkmark for this one. Because I wasn't allowed to buy a pressure cooker or else I'd have also canned soup. ;) Something about having too many small appliances already. Psssssh. Silly FiancΓ©. 
  6. Trio of cultural-y dinners.... This did not happen the way I wanted. So no checkmark for this one. I suppose I did learn how to make some Chinese dinners and those Korean pancake things. But still. Back on the list!

I don't usually do lists like that but it actually worked pretty well! 

This year's list will be way simpler though:

  1. Make monies doing my job.
  2. Get back on the healthy lung bandwagon with some well deserved exercise. 
  3. Plan a wedding... or two. Hehehehhe =D

<3 Bring it 2016. 


The Half-Assed Hobbyist