Never make plans

So I broke my toe yesterday. 

They never tell you how much breaking bones actually hurts. Everyone always just says "be careful or you'll break something" not, "are you nuts?! Don't you know how much that would hurt if you broke it?". I mean, I've stubbed every toe I have at least twice, but nothing quite feels like breaking one. 

Really though, it's pretty hilarious. I kicked a chair leg accidentally and, because I was wearing a toe ring, it fractured. I had to get my neighbour to help me down the stairs so my mom could drive me to the hospital (after the Health Link nurse I phoned freaked me out so much I had to go). 


Anyways! We'll see if I finish all my projects next week. I maaaaay be stuck at home in a teeny tiny toe sling instead. 


The Half-Assed Hobbyist