Patio Season, The Sequel

My most favourite thing about the summer, other than warm weather, sun and camping (lol, so all the other things), is patio season. 

It seems that, at least up where I live in TO, there's lots of outdoor spaces, like balconies and personal patios, but no one uses them! I have most likely ranted about this before... But it really saddens me. Or more so makes me annoyed at ppl who have massive outdoor spaces in the sky that they use as literal shit boxes for their dogs crap so they don't have to walk them.  -_-


I love patio season! Warm weather that lasts into the night. Sitting outside in the setting sun, BBQ slow roasting, beer in hand. This is my Valhalla. =)

In post update mode, I am still finishing my linen lace dress! Zippers make me afraid. So I'm procrastinating until the mood strikes me. >> But! I have a delicious stew post up! (Yes. Stew in summer. That's how I roll.) And maybe I'll even do a how-to slow roast a leg of lamb since in turned out so well this passed weekend. 

Also. Happy Anniversary to the FiancΓ©! One year engaged! I should probably get to planning more wedding stuff. It's like 11 months away still. It's fine. 


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