We got hit with a weather front that was remnant of hurricane Patricia yesterday. Super gross and rainy. 

But I did decide to take a walk despite the nastiness and watch for raindrops on fallen leaves and all that. 

Personally, I hate rainy weather as I find it terribly depressing. And inconveniently wet. There is nothing more uncomfortable than wet feet. (Well, maybe tooth pain. But on a spectrum, wet feet is still up there.) Lately, since Ontario is so much more a rain-zone than AB, I've been looking for the beauty-rain-factor more. I still hate the rain but at least there are aspects of it that make for great photos.

Anyways! Halloween! It's coming. I usually love to do halloween but we haven't for the last couple years. Last year because we didn't really know too many people (and pretty sure I was sick), and this year because there's so many things to do! (Obligatory lung infection: Also check.) Haha. Ah well. Regardless there will be pumpkin carving! So excited! 


The Half-Assed Hobbyist