So. That was a thing.

Um. Hello? -echos-

I'm back...?

Turns out that my 'busy month' turned into a 2 month unintentional hiatus. 

I am alive though! And working on a new bunch of projects! (That project burst finally showed up. Better late than never!)

My sister's wedding was magnificent! (Definitely going to be much prettier than mine. Haha.) She got married at the historic Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton overlooking the river valley as the morning sun streamed in through the windows. Le Tear. I miss Alberta a lot. It's people, it's weather and it's memories. But most of all the sunshine. 

After we got home we had one day to have a laundry-a-thon and repacked for the FiancΓ©'s work trip to Amsterdam! It was a last minute trip but well worth the flight. It's no wonder Holland has inspired so many artists to paint it's lands. It's freaking Beautiful. Everywhere you look. 

I will say though. It's really nice to be home. To sleep in my own bed. To wake up to the same view. <3 

(Also back to posting stuff. Haha.)


the Half-Assed Hobbyist