Success! Well. Half-Success!

Yay! So I got the pickles and peaches done! -dances-

It was a tiny bit of a gong show, but I'm not called the Not-Half-Assed Hobbyist. 

Still! Everything turned out! And everything went smoothly after I calmed down from having my trust in engineers smashed to pieces. Fun Fact: Wide mouthed 500mL jar snap lids are the Exact Same Size as modern sink drains. I had to get the escaped lids out of my sink drain with a drywall screw. -sigh- Of course. Haha. 


I have a million posts to put up and now that I have 3 weeks of well deserved chill time, I will get them all up. 

-she said crossing her fingers...while wondering what adventure will turn up next-


The Not-Not-Half-Assed Hobbyist