Summer... is that you...?

I never thought it would happen! But I think Summer is coming!!! (Ok, over-exageration, but still. This spring has Sucked.)

This past May, like in previous years, I've done the David Suzuki 30X30 Challenge. 30 minutes outside for 30 days in May. This year I didn't do as well as years passed but still got to be outside more than this winter! And now that spring has finally arrived, despite allergy-face, it's been lovely exploring gardens and suburbia for lovely plants!

It's also been nice getting my tomato babies outside finally again as well. Yay! I have a little pepper plant too. But we'll see how it does. All my seedling are growing up! D= 

Anyways! All the things, as per usual. Hopefully I'll be starting a new sewing project shortly with my Lesley lady. Until then, gardening and planning for pottery class!


The Half-Assed Hobbyist