I am RIDICULOUSLY excited right now.

Two Sundays ago the Fiancé and I were thinking up our weekly meal plan when the idea of pelmeni (Russian dumplings) came into my head. I'd had them a million years ago at the Edmonton Heritage Days festival and thought, what a great dinner idea! Make them, freeze them, put them in a stew. Er. I mean, boil them, fry them, stick them in my face? >>

Anyways. The Fiancé stumbled upon this blog and calmly mentioned that the blooger was using a neat tool to make the dumplings.

My heart literally skipped a beat.

Oh gad. The engineering side of my brain went nuts. I could use this tool to easily make a million dumplings. Meat, mushroom, sweet? It should even work for different kinds of dough. Pasta? Ravioli? Maybe even mochi? AHHH. Idea Overload.

My foodie blog hero went a step further and linked to an amazon provider for the amazing pelmeni tool. SOLD.

And here it is. A week and 2 days later. All the way from Ukraine. It even came with Amazingly translated instructions. (All of which I will share when I do my dumpling post. =P)

I still have to use it.... But I'm too excited to wait to blog about it entirely.


To my dumpling future!


The Half-Assed Hobbyist