Always all the things

It seems sometimes, as a hobbyist, that projects come and go in waves. I literally think of physics and the potential and kinetic energy experiment of masses on springs. (Nerd alert.) I get a million ideas all at once and want to do them all immediately. They all get started (or prepared) and then, because there are literally only so many hours in the day and I only have two hands, they get 'prioritized' into some line up of what's easiest/fastest/most interesting. Then there's a slow elapse of doing and completing and procrastinating and doing and completing and more procrastinating until, finally, end in sight, there's a new burst of Do All the Things.

Anyway. I feel like I'm in a 'burst' right now: seed starting, two sewing projects, two new recipe experiences, knitting project, and wedding center pieces.

I think Monday I'll decide what comes first... and then Tuesday I'll promptly forget and do something completely different.


The Half-Assed Hobbyist