Soooo Sllluuuurrpie


Usually I am energized by the new week but this Monday I am tiiiiiiiiired. Urgh.

The Fiancé was sick all last week, poor guy. So, of course, there is the constant ticking of a countdown in the back of my head. When will my immune system cave. When will this fever show up. WHEN.

Sometimes I wish that there was a little immune secretary in my brain (one with glasses on a beaded gold chain) that could wake me up in the morning and say: "Yes dear, your immune system will be failing at 11:29am on Tuesday. I've rescheduled all your appointments in advance and also bought medication and soup. No need to thank me. I've already bought myself a lovely gift from you."

Anyways..... Lol. Did all the things this weekend in preparation for out-of-commission-ness. The most exciting of which was the premiere of an orchestra piece by Kevin Lau for the TSO, Afiara Quartet and DJ Skratch Bastid. Amazing show! Defs recommend a listen to all three!

(Oh. And I bought a fur coat....? Haha. At the Toronto Vintage and Antiques Market.)

Now I'mma go make another coffee and attempt to not fall asleep for at least 8 hours.


The Half-Assed Hobbyist