Updating Shm-updating


So it's summer now! YAY! -dance dance dance-

My plantlings have grown up and moved outside on their own. I have to water them still, so I'm still in their lives from time to time. Wink Face! (Hope to have a gardening post shortly-ish.)

Also I've been entertaining all the people from back west! I have to say though, there is only so many times you can play tour guide. By the third time it starts feeling a little like there should be money involved. 'And if you turn to your left you'll see the CN Tower, standing at over 300kms tall, it's a Canadian icon...blaa blaa blaa'. 

Who am I kidding. Getting paid in beer was the best. 

The rest of the summer is going to be slightly chill, I think. Sporadic hangings out and potentially a trek to the light preserve in late August (after wedding stuff!! Whoooo!!!). 

Or not! I'mma keep my options open! Bring it World!

On to Adventure!


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