Weather or Not

The weather has been something of a subject of conversation lately. -massive understatement-

It's absolutely insane how dramatic climate change is affecting weather systems here in Canada. Back home in Alberta, where it's been temperate for the last 30 years, is Blazing Hot. While here in TO, where the humidity and sun are summer staples, it's been wet and grey and downright cold for days on end. I had to take my plants in this past weekend because of the shear amount of rain and wind, with the temperature dropping 10 degrees. 

I'm usually the least political person ever. Despite my love of talking, I take to being a wall flower whenever a conversation as serious as the devastating changes humans are having on the earth comes up. But seeing for myself the trials of growing food just for fun makes me realize how anxiety riddled actual farming must be when the weather is on the fritz. 

I don't usually tote to know so much as to critique other peoples' habits, but this shit is serious. If you can make small changes, like turning off the air-conditioning when you're not home, or taking public transit instead of a car, Do It. It's the small habits that will inspire respect in generations to come that will affect real change in the mentality of convenience over sustainability. 

That's my piece. 


The Half-Assed Hobbyist