Plantlings to Ploddlers to Tiny Tomatoes

The gardening season is coming to a close. Within the next couple weeks my tomato babies will be grandparents, nearing the end of their time living on my balcony.

(I was warned that it was a bad idea to personify my plants... It's just So Sad.)

As fall approaches and canning season is in full fervour,  I find my little plant babies grumbling about the cold and fussing about too much rain. It reminds me of the beginning though. Time has just Flown by. 

Overall, Mission: Urban Garden on the Balcony has been a success! My petunias Exploded. My basil and mint grew too big for their containers so I had to cut them back. And my tomatoes bounced back from having blight earlier in June and I got a delightful crop of tomatoes (which I have to admit to eating most of myself....). And lastly, my poor clamatis, which I thought was deadened from an early summer planter flood, bloomed! I'm super pleased with the results. 

Of course this just means that next year there will be even grander plans that I'll attempt to half-ass. It just worked out so well this time round! Maybe next year it'll work out even better. 

To Optimism. To Gardening. To next year not eating all my tomatoes and making garlic tomato and roasted red pepper jam!


The Half-Assed Hobbyist